Friday, May 22, 2009

Twitter me this...

So I finally gave in and decided to have my very own Twitter page. What do I do with it? No clue. Help is very much appreciated :)


Paul Solis said...

we have the same last name see my blog.

lauren said...

totally irrelevent to your post but damn your gallery is one of the most amazing things I've seen and I really love your work. :)

ramd said...

there is a brian solis who runs a blog called PR2.0 with lots of tips
just post a tweet everyday and grow an audience based off of your unique personality

Candi said...

Wow John Ryan Solis you are my new love! Heard about you through Tavi Gevinson's blog. Love Love LOVE your work! So sexy! Glad you have a twitter page now. I'm always talking up twitter because its a great way to share info. The people I like to follow are the ones who post links to things that are interesting and people who post funny little tweets about nothing in perticular. Mashable is a great post to follow if you are new to twitter. Also if you just google "twitter tips" a ton of good info comes up.

My very favorite thing about twitter is the simplicity of mobile tweets. All you have to do is text twitter and it updates automaticly! You can also recieve tweets from certain people directly to your phone! I love this for local events pages so I am up to date on everything in town!

Keep tweeting and doing beautiful art! Look forward to following you!

Twitter: Sweetascandi23