Monday, February 23, 2009

First and last post of this month (...or maybe not?)

These past 2 months flew by so quick, slow down please! Actually you know what, forget that last bit. Spring, hurry your ass up! It's about 1:43am and I'm slightly tipsy right now, but I figured why not update the blog and post some pictures.

Slowly getting things together for the shop section.

A nice chunk of hair just dying to be hung up on gallery walls. Custom framing is going hurt like a bitch.

I've recently moved into a small studio apt in Brooklyn, which makes my commute to work a hell of a lot easier. No more wasting 2 hrs everyday on the commuter bus. Plus, having a bar/lounge around the corner just makes it too easy.

Currently Blasting: Dj Kawasaki - Let's Get Started