Sunday, October 12, 2008

Photos, new work, and some updates...on stuff?

Hello fellow bloggers,

I'm finally here to update you with some images from the past show @ destination Art Space. I was smart enough to leave my camera's memory card on my desk and so I was left with only 4 shots to take (plus i believe the wine restricted me from doing so). Just want to thank those who were able to take some photos that night and letting me steal them!

Preparation time. Scott Hill's work on the right. Cool fella.

Theres Tokio on the right. If you're reading this, hit me up when you get back from Japan. We have to collab!

Boozin with Yoko and Jan

Photography by Francisco Hui and Daniel Triendl

FYI - Be on the look out for the new "shop" section on the site. It'll consist of prints, originals, and other fun shit, and hopefully it'll be up by late winter 2008. Hopefully.

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Laura Galbraith said...

whoa! found your work through illustrationmundo, but mannn... amazing stuff!! :) you've got some killer drawing skills!!

cryssy face said...

i love that pic of tata.. hahahaha. making biscuits !

My Charlie Girl said...

the pieces are amazing and the kitty is so cute!!