Monday, May 19, 2008

no more time to play that's it. i'm officially out of that "loop," and off to the real world

is it really that bad out there?

i guess that the great thing about my profession is that it's really organic. i get to be my own boss, work in own studio (aka bedroom)...shit i can even work on an assignment in my boxes. but now it's time get serious and stop waking up at 1pm. 

last week was really hectic with all the portfolio reviews. i hope everyone did well! if i had the chance, i would have definitely gone out to check out the SVA computer art screening. my boy Joji had his piece shown at the Walter Reade Theater over at Lincoln Center.  i'm sure people wet their pants when they saw the film. it was very original and the concept was great because it was really simple and sweet. the graphics were stunning, and it surely felt like i was watching some pixar production, with a lil hint of miyazaki.  um...fucking ridiculous. hey Joji, i'm looking forward to that collab in the near future.

Lilium Urbanus is a collaborative piece created by Joji Tsuruga and Anca Risca.  3 thumbs up.

currently blasting: Ernesto - Let Go (Unreleased Version)

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YO! it's me pomme.
here is a link to my website:

i will put you in my blogroll if you don't mind. keep up the good work!