Friday, April 25, 2008

Hairy Munny

This is my 2nd time to custom one of those vinyl dolls. This particular MUNNY was an assignment to try and showcase a particular fashion icon, without having it be figurative. I chose Amy Winehouse as my "icon" because she has that crazy bee hive hairdo. I figured it'd be cool to draw her hair (since I'm still in that hair phase) all over the doll to break the figurative form and keep it more abstract.

To be honest, her music isn't that bad at all. Her crackhead image just throws me off.

6 coats of gesso and sanding took forever!

Surface design is not as easy as you think, especially when you're using just graphite alone.

The finish piece! Note to self: next time wear gloves to avoid smudges.
For more photos please check out the website!


Anonymous said...


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John Solis said...


Anonymous said...

hey!! nice work on the munny doode. i'm working on my own right now.. with acrylics though.

you pay so much attention to detail and it's killer.


p.s. i'm a buddy of James Ng! he told me to check some of your stuff out = )) keep it up!

deadzebra said...

niiiiice! came out great!